Mercantile Agent Services

Process and Field Enquiries

GM Investigations handle all the process service and filed enquiries in house. For all greater Sydney work it is our own agents that attempt service and we pride ourselves on our turnaround time with initial attempts generally occuring within 48 hours of request. We also provide URGENT and last minute service if required.

Our agents are highly motivated and treat every service as a priority. Clients can be assured that our highly experienced agents will go to great lengths to serve your documents on time all the time.

All affidavits are prepared upon service of documents as per our clients requirement and format. All our agents are aware of the criteria for serving documents through each and every court of Australia.

If you hire a mercantile agent, you can expect a range of professional services designed to assist you in matters related to debt recovery and commercial transactions. Mercantile agents specialise in various aspects of commercial and financial operations, working on behalf of businesses, creditors, or individuals to recover outstanding debts and resolve financial disputes. Here are some key services you can expect from a mercantile agent:

Debt Collection: Mercantile agents are skilled in debt collection strategies and techniques. They will work diligently to locate debtors, communicate with them to arrange payment plans or settlements, and pursue legal avenues if necessary. Their expertise in debt recovery can increase the likelihood of successful collection and improve cash flow for your business.

Skip Tracing: When debtors become difficult to locate, mercantile agents excel in skip tracing. They utilize various investigative methods, including accessing databases, conducting background checks, and employing specialized techniques to track down individuals who have intentionally disappeared or changed their contact information.

Legal Assistance: Mercantile agents can provide guidance and assistance in navigating the legal aspects of debt recovery and financial disputes. They often work closely with legal professionals or have access to legal resources, ensuring that your case is handled appropriately within the bounds of the law.

Asset Location: In cases where debtors have concealed assets or have transferred them to avoid payment, mercantile agents can conduct investigations to identify and locate those assets. This information can be crucial in executing judgments or negotiating settlements.

Credit Risk Assessment: Mercantile agents can help assess credit risk by providing detailed reports on potential clients or business partners. These reports may include credit histories, financial stability assessments, and recommendations to mitigate risks associated with extending credit.

Repossessions: In situations where collateral or secured assets need to be repossessed due to non-payment or default, mercantile agents can handle the repossession process. They have the expertise and knowledge to ensure that repossession activities comply with relevant laws and regulations.

Debt Recovery Consultation: Mercantile agents can provide expert advice on debt recovery strategies, debtor management, and credit control. They may offer recommendations on improving internal processes, setting up effective credit management systems, and mitigating risks associated with debt collection.

By hiring a mercantile agent, you gain access to their specialized skills, industry knowledge, and resources. They can help streamline the debt recovery process, increase the chances of successful collection, and provide professional guidance throughout the entire process.

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