Private & Commercial Investigations


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  • Missing Persons
    Family, friends, debtors and associates.
  • Surveillance
    The latest digital technology in video and still photography.
    Covert operatives in the workplace (fraudulent workplace claims) and infidelity claims.
    A comprehensive surveillance report and affidavits are provided.
  • Family Law Matters
    Divorce, hidden assets, proof of income (child support) and custody matters.
  • Factual Investigations
    Personal injury claims, insurance fraud, employer claimant and witness statements and all relevant documentation. A detailed description of the scene of the accident, relevant environmental factors, comprehensive report and summation of liability.
  • Insurance Fraud
    Workplace injuries, fire & arson claim investigations (building, vehicles, boats) fraudulent disability claims, gathering of relevant documentation.
  • Drug Related Investigations
    Drugs are an enormous problem in society, affecting individuals at home, school and staff in the workplace.
  • Theft in the Workplace
    Authorized installation of covert video cameras in line with the workplace surveillance Act. GM Investigations would obtain a warrant on your behalf to legally perform this service. All evidence will be passed on to the client for the appropriate action to be taken. Affidavits and briefs will be provided, to proceed with criminal charges through the appropriate law enforcement agency.




Have you ever wished that you could be a fly on the wall just so you could see what goes on when you’re not there? Thanks to Bar Snoop, now you can! A comprehensive report will be provided in the following:

  • Overall Perception
    Management, bartender appearance, time wastage, professionalism. 
  • Bar Presentation
    Signage, floor cleanliness, bar cleanliness. service response time, friendly service and sales.  
  • Cost Efficiency
    Spillage, wastage, theft, drinks to tip jar, free drinks, staffdrinks, crowding tills, leaving till open.   
  • Illegal Activities
    Unfortunately, we are not immune to such activities no matter how careful we are when hiring staff. 
  • Responsible Service of Alcohol
    Responsible Service of Alcohol (also known as RSA) plays a huge role in today’s hospitality industry. Knowing when and how to ‘cut off’ a patron is essential and determines how the bar is perceived, not only by the person who is ‘cut off’ but also by other patrons.