Private & Commercial Investigations

Welcome to GM Investigations, the leading private and commercial investigators across Australia, specialising in a wide range of services to meet your investigative needs. With our expertise in missing persons cases, surveillance operations, family law matters, factual investigations, insurance fraud detection, drug-related investigations, and workplace theft prevention, we provide you with comprehensive solutions.

Our highly skilled team of investigators combines advanced techniques, state-of-the-art technology, and a commitment to professionalism to deliver accurate and reliable results. Whether you’re seeking closure in a missing persons case, gathering evidence for a legal matter, or protecting your business from internal threats, GM Investigations is your trusted partner for all your investigative requirements.

What Private & Commercial Investigation services can our team help you with?

Missing Persons: A private investigator specializing in missing persons can assist in locating individuals who have disappeared under various circumstances. Whether it’s a runaway teenager, a long-lost relative, or a person of interest in a legal case, these investigators employ advanced techniques and access to extensive databases to track down missing individuals. They conduct thorough investigations, gathering information, interviewing witnesses, and employing various resources to bring closure and reunite loved ones.

Surveillance: Private investigators skilled in surveillance utilize their expertise and specialized equipment to discreetly monitor individuals or locations. Whether it’s monitoring a cheating spouse, conducting insurance investigations, or gathering evidence for legal proceedings, they employ techniques such as stakeouts, video recording, and GPS tracking to document activities and provide accurate and reliable evidence.

Family Law Matters: Private investigators play a crucial role in family law matters, assisting individuals and attorneys in gathering evidence related to child custody disputes, divorce cases, or suspicions of infidelity. They conduct discreet investigations to uncover information such as evidence of inappropriate behavior, hidden assets, or neglect, ensuring that their clients have the necessary evidence to support their case in court.

Insurance Fraud: Private investigators specializing in insurance fraud investigations help insurance companies, businesses, or individuals uncover fraudulent activities related to insurance claims. They meticulously examine the facts surrounding the claim, interview witnesses, gather evidence, and conduct surveillance if necessary to expose fraudulent claims or exaggerated injuries. Their findings help prevent fraudulent payouts and ensure that insurance companies are not taken advantage of.

Drug-Related Investigations: Private investigators skilled in drug-related investigations work with law enforcement agencies, businesses, or concerned individuals to gather evidence and information related to drug trafficking, illegal distribution, or substance abuse. They employ various investigative techniques such as surveillance, undercover operations, and informant networking to identify individuals involved, uncover drug networks, and provide actionable intelligence to the relevant authorities.

Theft in the Workplace: Private investigators specializing in workplace theft investigations help businesses combat internal theft, fraud, or embezzlement. They employ covert surveillance, undercover operations, and forensic accounting techniques to identify individuals involved, gather evidence, and prevent further losses. By working discreetly and efficiently, these investigators provide businesses with the necessary information to take appropriate action, protect assets, and maintain a secure working environment.