Security Consultancy

consulting_servicesGeorge Maamary and his senior consultants conduct seminars on all aspects of Surveillance and Pro-active Countermeasure’s Solutions for today’s rapidly growing security concerns and offer specialist services  (Ex-Licensing Co-ordinator and Licensing Sergeant) in the following areas;

  • Liquor licence applications to CLAGCA and OLGR, including licence transfers, licensed area re-definitions, authorised areas, name change etc.

  • Security audits and recommendations in relation to equipment and procedures (CCTV, safes, alarms, manpower, etc). 

  • Risk assessments and management, including Cash-In-Transit compliant reports. 
  • AUSTRAC – (Anti Money Laundering & Counter Terrorism Financing) assistance in legislative compliance and creation of AUSTRAC compliance program.  
  • Regulatory authorities liaison, including Police & OLGR
  • Advice regarding liquor, security & firearms related legislation